Furniture System Specification

We want our customers to say their experience with Brownsworth was “money well spent”. The second or third largest cost in building out a new office facility or remodeling a current facility is furniture. Beginning in 1993, Brownsworth added interior design and product specification services to positively impact the cost of furnishing a facility.

If you are making changes to your current facility, the furniture system specifications are the key to maximizing utilization of existing furniture assets and minimizing the impact on your employee’s down time.  If you are furnishing a new facility- we’ll create a generic procurement plan and specifications that allow for competitive bidding in furniture. And because we’re independent- not a dealer- you’re provided a wider range of options to choose from.

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Brownsworth has been offering furniture systems specifications since 1993. Our services can be used “a la carte” or combined with our other services for a “turnkey” result. Our other services include:

  • Office furniture installation
  • Office Interior  Design
  • MAC services
  • Architectural wall installation
  • Project Management
  • Moves and furniture lifting
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehousing and delivery service
  • Building and furniture decommission